Often, the car parking process is a true test for drivers, especially those who suffer as beginners. But this problem is manifested in experienced motorists who have moved to a new car and no longer feel the dimensions of their vehicle. To simplify the parking process, modern professionals began to develop, improve and implement such a feature as automatic parking.

Automated parking and its essence

The main objective of the system is to minimise the number of minor accidents that occur due to inexperience or negligence of the driver. The process of parking is extremely stressful, especially in unfamiliar parking conditions with limited space. The automatic parking system consists of a set of sensors and receivers.

This technology functions pretty simple, like sensors send a signal, which is then reflected from the object and allows receivers to read data about the surrounding space. As a result, the car can move independently without the risk of collision. Parking itself may look both perpendicular and parallel.

The system was first introduced in the cars of a German corporation called Volkswagen, and this was in a model such as the Touran in 2006. Then, the car could park without the driver, but only in strictly limited cases, if the surrounding situation was as simple as possible. But 2010 changed everything as the system was upgraded and implemented in almost every modern car.

Its internal structure

Automatic parking is a huge complex of different devices that are connected and represent a holistic mechanism. Due to the accessibility, each car manufacturer can undertake such a process as an automatic development of this system. But, there is one overall concept that includes several elements:

  • control unit;
  • ultrasonic sensors;
  • local computer;
  • executive devices.
Automated parking

The features of the system form the requirements that must be taken into account for the introduction of automatic parking in the car. Thus, it is a prerequisite to equip the power steering and automatic parking. They are not driven by man’s mechanical manipulation, but by the artificial intelligence that is built into such a car. These sensors are similar to parktronics, but have the same difference as a wide range. Depending on the system used, the number of sensors can be changed in free frames.

Operating principle

When the system is activated, the car starts searching for a suitable location by vehicle size and free space to manoeuvre. For quality scanning of the space, the driver should definitely move slowly. When a location is found, the parking process begins, which can be semi-automatic or fully automatic.

Semi-automatic is when the driver adjusts the speed of the car and the system controls the steering wheel by itself. All necessary hints will appear on the screen of the multimedia system. The advantage is that this unique technology can be used in cars with a manual transmission.

Automatic driver participation is not required. The control unit itself implements parking. Some cars even allow you to get out of the car. If a person is unsure of the quality of the system, he can turn on the semi-automatic mode. So this is a very useful development that makes our lives simpler and more advanced. Nor would drivers experience the same comfort if they did not have the opportunity to use it.

Automated parking is another method of applying modern technology to make life easier for people. Also, this system is the starting point for the creation of fully self-driving cars, in which not only parking, but also movement is carried out without human participation.