In modern technology, the Windows operating system is the cornerstone for most PC users. It is a window into the virtual world. And to make it even more functional and efficient, you need to choose the right software.

This article will present you with five indispensable programs that will complement your PC experience and make it more productive and diverse. However, this is a rather thankless task, as plenty of good Windows apps are out there.

Electronic Workbench

Electronic Work Bench is a powerful software designed specifically for engineers and electronic workers. It opens the door to the exciting world of electronics, providing the user with invaluable tools for designing and simulating electronic circuits. If your work or hobby requires electronics, this is your trusted companion.

With Electronic Work Bench, you can easily create and analyze electrical circuits, conduct virtual experiments, and optimize circuit performance. The program provides an expansive range of components for their creation and allows you to make precise measurements and analyze the results.


This is undoubtedly the best friend for anyone with computer numerical control (CNC) machines. If you download Candle, this program will transform your PC into a powerful tool for controlling modern machine tools. The potential for creating high-precision and complex parts is endless.

Candle provides a user-friendly interface for creating and editing the G-code that controls the movement of the machine. You can fine-tune each motion and operation and view the results before sending commands. This reduces risk and increases productivity.

Candle download

Adobe Photoshop

In a world where visual content plays a key role, graphic processing has become an integral part of our daily lives. That’s why a graphic editor is becoming indispensable for everything from editing photos for social media to creating professional designs.

Adobe Photoshop is not just an editor. It’s an art. The program provides unlimited creativity opportunities and turns ordinary photos into real masterpieces. It includes many tools for color correction, retouching, creating effects, and more.

Microsoft Office

This is the standard for working with documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. It is essential in both office environments and educational institutions. With Office, tasks become more productive, and documents become more professional.

Office includes Word for word processing, Excel for working with spreadsheets and data, and PowerPoint for creating impressive presentations. Each of these applications has a rich set of tools and features. This is a partial list of what can be included in the Office suite.

VLC Media Player

A media player is an indispensable component of our multimedia life. A good digital player provides high-quality sound and pictures when listening to music and watching videos.

VLC Media Player is the right media player to fulfill all your needs. It supports an expansive range of audio and video formats, including even those other players do not play. An easy-to-use program, it’s free and ad-free.

VLC offers flexible settings for playback quality, subtitles, and more. Thanks to its open architecture, developers constantly update it to ensure compatibility with new formats and improve performance.