IT-technologies in the film industry are being applied more and more quickly every day. Their use provokes much debate, because the film industry is primarily an art. So today, there are not enough of those people who are shooting movies in digital format and even use artificial intelligence. But at the same time, there are still many old-school adherents who believe that a real masterpiece should be produced using film. However, we cannot fail to recognize the fact that today, IT technologies are actively used in medicine, education, business and other significant fields. That is why you can be sure that IT will soon become widely used in cinema too.

IT technologies that movie producers use today

  1. «Cloud». Today, more and more often this practice occurs, in which many experts work remotely. For this purpose, uploaded information into the «cloud» so that specialists who work on the picture have access to them. That is, actors, cameramen, directors and all those without whom there can not exist a filming site, work in the chosen location, and the other ones can perform their functions even in another country.
  2. Neural network. Increasingly, when shooting movies, producers use the power of the neural network, because artificial intelligence can easily give new and interesting characteristics to characters. In that case, the actors create the right actions and emotions, and then the neural network refines all this. Moreover, there is set of good attempts to write a script using neural networks.
  3. Doubles. Modern IT technologies are as close as possible to the fact that producers can create real digital doubles on the screen. Nevertheless, a couple of critical moments are emerging. This technology is quite sophisticated and expensive, so that we can discuss its wide distribution. This is the first issue, and the second one is that the digital double causes a strong scare in the average person on a subconscious level. Experts still need to understand what it is related to. However, you can already find free software download options to enjoy the fine-tuned achievements of the industry.

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  4. Virtual reality. There were no attempts to make a full-fledged VR film for two reasons. The first is that modern helmets quite quickly cause severe discomfort, causing headaches and even nausea. The second is that a full 360 review prevents the viewer from drawing attention to certain moments of the picture.
  5. Smartphones. The modern film industry already allocates a whole direction for filmed exclusively on the phone without the use of expensive cameras. In such films, there are some true festivals that allow young filmmakers and amateurs to try their hand at creating movie masterpieces.
  6. Digital Imaging. Although many people do not perceive a movie that was filmed exclusively in the digital format, this type of film is interesting in that it brings a set of new features. In particular, drones and even handheld cameras can shoot.
  7. Engines for games. Gamers are well aware of the fact that the development of game engines allows you to create fairly realistic games. But now their use has gone beyond gameplay. Using such «engines» when shooting movies, producers can impose on the filmed scenes various computer effects. Moreover, IT technologies allow you to do this directly in real time.

That’s why the Klede app was a real achievement recently, which helped users get all the information they wanted about movies and their actors on their smartphones. Today, the scale of IT implementation is wider. Other development achievements include the Hyperverse app, which gives access to a virtual world. Moreover, you can start a free download apk from one of the web catalogs of mobile programs to install this amazing application.