NFC technology is one of the most advanced features that many modern smartphones contain. The features and operating principles of such a system are reflected in the very name of this tool, which sounds like Near Field Communication. For example, this technology helps users to transmit data in wireless mode. This method is optimal for creating comfortable communication in modern conditions. This means that the maximum transmission distance is 10 cm.

There are some strengths and features of the NFC technology:

  1. Instant communication or the process of creating a connection lasts for a fraction of a second.
  2. Compact dimensions of the module.
  3. Economical energy consumption.

Such modules are integrated into gadgets of small size and do not burden the design. This tool will help you share a small amount of data with other users.

Application field of the NFC technology

Moreover, devices produce regular data exchange. You can simplify these processes if you use such technology as NFC. It should be added that data exchange is only available if the appropriate module is built into both smartphones or tablets. Beam is a program that has been developed specifically for devices with Android 4 and higher. Here, it performs a crucial function. This protocol allows the transmission of various types of data, such as:

  1. Links to web pages.
  2. Contact Information.
  3. Current coordinates, position on the map.
  4. Links to Google Play products.

You may find it difficult to send files that contain graphic images and video materials, as there is a large amount of data transferred. Due to the reduced speed, this process can be significantly delayed, so it will be much easier to share links to materials. This module is designed for daily solutions of various tasks, such as file transfer, service and fast purchase on the Internet.


It also interacts with the subway turnstile and other access control devices, terminals and electronic cards in which support of the NFC technology operates. You can set up a connection between two smartphones. To do this, you should bring your device to the NFC information field. There are some trading paths with modern developments that have barcodes instead of similar tools. If the buyer brings the smartphone closer to the barcode, he or she will receive detailed information about the product, such as special properties, manufacturer, composition, shelf life and mode of use.

Also, there are such situations as setting special markers, which can greatly simplify your smartphone function management process. For example, with this module, you will be able to turn on the alarm or audio player, send messages or even choose the silent mode of your device. Also, specialists use several languages to program such modules. Among them are ReTag, Tools and Task Launcher.

Moreover, thanks to the unique settings, this module can perform several tasks, such as:

  1. A bank or bonus card.
  2. Pass to the swimming pool, salon or club.
  3. A travel document on public transport.
  4. Electronic key.

Contactless payments is the most popular feature of the NFC. module You should bring your smartphone to the terminal to transmit payment data.

Operating principle

NFC technology for smartphones is what devices implement in the process of interacting with other embedded functional systems. During the process of sending large files, NFC starts executing a command module value that runs on systems such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The main differences between NFC and Bluetooth are the principle of connection setting, range and connection speed. To use Bluetooth to establish a connection, you should enable this function on your smartphone, after which the search for objects available for communication will begin.

NFC is a protocol that establishes a connection by physically combining one device with another one. The communication itself is realised through an information field and in an automatic mode. So, in the first case, the connection process takes a few minutes, but in the second case it is only a couple of seconds. Finally, the range of action of Bluetooth reaches 100 metres, and the NFC has a value of no more than 10 cm. This is why this method is the most reliable for data transmission.