Mobility is the main advantage of any wireless network. The device can be connected to a wireless network and then, any user gets access to Internet resources from any corner of the office or apartment. Common problems with the classic Wi-Fi network are poor connection quality with distance from the router, low speed and periodic data interruption. Mesh technology was developed to ensure that such weaknesses were addressed. Eliminating weak signal zones and improving connection reliability are the main advantages of the new technical solution.

Features and strengths of this technology

Mesh is a term that denotes mesh technology directly. This is a tool that involves creating space between routers and connected devices in the form of cells. This network has a structure in the form of several routers or one router with the option of Mesh. One of the routers connects to the modem, and the other ones are relays. To increase coverage, experts can use additional modules, as well as unlimited increase in the number of routers in the network as needed. The number of connected devices does not affect the speed of transmission of information and the quality of communication. There is one alternative for such a tool, such as creating a network on the foundation of access points that are combined into one system.

Mesh technology support on the smartphone is carried out with the help of a special application. Mesh network is an integral space in which continuous data transmission takes place. The operation of such modules is what specialists configure through programs that help them adjust parameters, find and fix bugs in their functioning. In this system, there is no centralization. Thus, all modules function independently of each other and produce data exchange. However, there is also a SSID and a password that is never modified or adapted to any module. This is the reason why you should only add new components to the system when you need to increase the coverage area.


However, expanding the coverage area of Wi-Fi is a procedure that professionals can perform with additional equipment such as a signal amplifier. There is a regular script, such as Mesh usage technology, which has such strengths as stability and connectivity regardless of the area of the room. Now look at its other strengths:

  1. There are no short-term connection breaks during the user’s movement inside the room. Even a second interruption of online play or video communication results in the end of the session.
  2. There are the same features and conditions for all network users.
  3. There is a stable communication within a complex configuration with the presence of obstacles to signal passage.
  4. You can start creating a reliable coating in rooms far from the router, such as verandas or terraces.
  5. High data transfer rate.
  6. Possibility of integration into such a system as smart house.
  7. Simple operation and use. Network users enter the same name and password to connect.
  8. Self-repair function. If one of the modules fails, the data is automatically redirected so that the transmission is not interrupted.

Mesh technology will help users to install special equipment. However, this procedure involves additional costs. Multiple access points are arranged in an arbitrary manner without strict location restrictions.

Mesh technology support

As a rule, Mesh technology is applied in large-area premises. We do not recommend you to install such a network in a space of less than 50 sq.m. If you find that your equipment has malfunctioned, you can be sure that they are caused by a router malfunction or poor quality services of your ISP. Comfortable conditions for Internet users with Mesh support are provided in a space of 200 sq.m. Such a network works effectively in multi-storey buildings with the presence of obstacles to the transmission of the signal, such as walls built of bricks. We also want to remind you that you can only upgrade your router’s software, not buy a new one.