Within the boundaries of the IT market, there are some truthful sentences and myths. That’s why fresh blood that plans to work in the digital field, often doesn’t realize it’s true. So, many people are interested in the fact that in the IT field, developers pay a lot of their employees and hire anyone. We decided to find out the whole truth and for that, we have described some factors in this article. Also, don’t forget that you can install the Morecast Weather app if you want to always be aware of the current weather outside your window.

How much IT specialists are in demand today

This is a question that comes to mind for many modern people. We want to assure you that there is a huge demand for IT field specialists and many industry activities need it, including business and government. Many nations have needed such professionals even more since the beginning of the pandemic.

According to available statistics, the demand for programmers increased by almost 200% as a result of 2021. At the same time, wages rose, which on average increased by almost 24%. If we look at individual professionals, firms like DevOps see wages rise to 50%. Also, salaries are rising not just because of inflation, which is hampering the functioning of economies, but also because many modern companies are forced to buy experts again.

Wages in different cities

Often, you can find the claim that to get a high salary, the specialist is forced to go to the big city. But that is a crude legend. Large corporations understand that many regions lack talented professionals. So they are happy to hire them remotely and pay their salaries, as well as for all their employees.

That’s why you’ll probably be able to work in a small town and get paid like a giant technopolis. Also, you don’t have to be limited to your country. The fact is that thanks to the Internet, you can get a job even in another country, without leaving your one.

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How big are IT field salaries

This is really true and it is in all these countries where the IT sphere is at a high level of development. Also, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on the career ladder. Also, you will increase your salary thanks to your knowledge and skills, which will increase over the years. Also, you will increase your salary thanks to your knowledge and skills, which will increase over the years.

As for the direction in which efforts are more profitable today, the first thing you should pay attention to is languages such as Java and Kotlin. They work perfectly on platforms like Android and iOS. Those professionals who use Rust or Python, earn much less. People who use C++ or PHP get even less money for their work. However, we were talking about developers now. What we can say is that security and data analysts make a lot of money, too.

People who are suitable for IT field

Many people mistakenly believe that not everyone can take root in the IT field. Also, this professional area has quite specific features that not everyone likes. First of all, the applicant must have a mathematical mind with the ability to think logically and they must also have the skill in mathematics and programming. They should be above average. Many people believe that because they have chosen not to be programmers, such requirements will not concern them, but this is a big misunderstanding. Even product managers or testers must understand the technological nuances.

In addition, becoming a junior, you will have to take into account that different companies will start to invite you to work with them. On the contrary, junior specialists are not in demand today. That’s why first you have a lot of competition and a couple of years to get experience in this profession. What’s more, if you’re looking for a new partner, we encourage you to look at LateMeet, because it brings together people with different interests. For this, you can simply download free apk.