Dubai hosted the official launch of the first phase of XCLUSIVERSE, which promises to connect the world of technology and the real world of developers and investors. The objective of this global launch is to try to connect both real estate professionals and end buyers in a meta-universe.  XCLUSIVERSE offers solutions for brokers, vendors, and business owners to expand their business opportunities.

The first phase of the launch of the real estate platform, developed by Unicorp Capital, is now available to thousands of landowners and developers around the world who have been empowered to list their real estate at  Sobha Seahaven in Dubai Marina in the digital world and have access to a global inventory of real estate and land for their clients.

XCLUSIVERSE is available to realtors who purchase an annual membership with several features. This way, the membership can be customized depending on business needs.

Unicorp Capital co-founder Christian Onetiou says XCLUSIVERSE customizes its services based on today’s real estate industry needs – from choosing an office type to designing it, adding branding elements, and accessing specialized industry webinars and events. These services connect both the real and digital worlds.

In addition to being a creative virtual deal-making space, XCLUSIVERSE is also creating the largest community of investors through the experience of 4.0 interaction, shopping, and meeting in the real world with three spaces, XCLUSIVERSE CITY, XCLUSIVERSE MALL, and XCLUSIVERSE CLUB.

“We created these spaces to allow our members to not only expand their portfolios with leads and clients around the world but also to socialize and take their virtual relationships into the real world, thus creating a marketplace of meaningful services for Realtors,” Onetiu says.

residential real estate
Residential real estate

At XCLUSIVERSE MALL, participants can shop and earn digital products, from NFTs to fractional assets, rent virtual offices, or lease business space. At the same time, XCLUSIVERSE CITY will be a space for social connections such as meet and greet or play and earn. The upscale structure of the EXCLUSIVERSE CLUB is designed to provide members with personalized privileges, from scheduling exclusive appointments to access to key services, events, and happenings in the XCLUSIVERSE community.

Most companies use only drawings and conventional images on their websites. If a designer has modeled a 3D design of an apartment, it is also often inserted as a regular picture. Because of this, buyers have to use their imagination and imagine exactly how the property will look. And this affects their interest in buying.

This problem can be solved with the help of VR project demonstrations. This technology permits potential buyers to engage in future real estate and “feel” it. Therefore, developers have started introducing more VR options for real estate demonstration.

Studies are already being conducted on this topic. For example 2017, Claremont McKenna College studied how showing real estate in VR influences a client’s desire to see the property in person.


The results showed that luxury real estate buyers were 20% more likely to come to see a property after viewing a VR demonstration than without. In the case of other real estate categories, VR motivates buyers to come twice, as do images.

Several VR-assisted project demonstrations are used in the real estate market. They all provide different immersive customer experiences.