Yzhuralzoloto ranks as one of Russia’s top four gold miners by production volume. Its gold mining spots are spread across the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Chelyabinsk Region, and the Republic of Khakassia. They’re sitting on enough precious metal reserves to keep things shiny for 30 years, churning out about 400-500 thousand ounces of gold annually.

On November 13, the company grabbed headlines with its announcement to go public, planning to float 5% of its shares on the stock sale. They even dropped hints about possibly offering more shares down the line.

Before deciding to go public, the company was pegged at an astonishing 120 billion rubles, setting the initial share price range between 0.55-0.6 rubles each, which aligns with what they were valued at before the IPO news.

Technology and Developments

Yzhuralzoloto is engaged in both open-pit and underground mining of precious metals, boasting a comprehensive infrastructure that includes a full-cycle enrichment plant, two gold extraction facilities, and three pilot-industrial units. Since 2003, the company has also operated a geological exploration division equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Yzhuralzoloto, in partnership with the Irkutsk Research Institute, secured a patent in 2017 for a novel method of extracting noble metals via carbon sorption technology.

In 2016, Yzhuralzoloto established the Scientific Research Laboratory for Environmentally Balanced Subsoil Development (EKON IPKON RAS), applying the groundwork for a fruitful collaboration with the Federal State Budgetary Institution “IPKON RAS,” focused on the comprehensive exploitation of gold ore deposits, particularly in their final stage.

Yzhuralzoloto’s collaboration with research institutes has been notably fruitful. In 2016, a partnership with IRNITU yielded technology that doubled the anticipated economic impact, generating products valued at 4.6 billion rubles under a particular cooperation program funded equally by Yzhuralzoloto and federal budget contributions, totaling 340 million rubles.

The company is also aggressively pursuing the development of new deposits and the procurement of innovative equipment, with plans to double production volumes within the next five years, supported by nearly 600 million rubles in investments. The Kurasan concentrator was due for expansion in 2023 with an 8 million investment.


Key Performance Metrics and Competitive Landscape Analysis

Yzhuralzoloto is embarking on an ambitious plan to expand its operations at the Kurasan, Kommunar, and Vysokoe sites, aiming to boost mining output by 180% by 2026. It is critical, however, to juxtapose this growth strategy against the backdrop of similar endeavors by its principal rivals.

A significant portion of Yzhuralzoloto’s revenues comes from selling precious metals on the international market, rendering its financial performance susceptible to geopolitical dynamics. Conversely, the ruble’s depreciation generally benefits the company’s earnings in foreign currency.


Yzhuralzoloto stands out as a competitive entity with a forward-looking development strategy. President Konstantin Strukov holds some patents.

The company’s debt level is deemed manageable within the industry context. At the same time, Uzhuralzoloto’s investment projects are marked by ambition. In the fiscal years 2022 and 2023, the firm diversified its financial instruments by issuing bonds, with the total issuance reaching 1.3 billion yuan and 10 billion rubles.

Uzhuralzoloto touts a low sensitivity to sanctions as one of its strategic advantages, highlighting its resilience and the successful navigation of challenges to attract investors.